What is Project Air?

Project Air is an initiative to transform the chemical industry with circular production methods towards a climate neutral chemical industry. Perstorp Group with partners Fortum and Uniper will produce sustainable methanol for chemical production using residue streams and renewable raw material.

Project Air is an initiative to produce sustainable methanol which will substitute all the fossil methanol used by Perstorp in Europe as raw material for chemical products, and thereby significantly reducing CO2-emissions and contributing to a carbon neutral industry.

Project Air will produce methanol by using CO2 as raw material in a first-of-a-kind Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU) process combined with gasification of biomethane and residue streams, integrated with a world scale electrolysis unit using purified wastewater and renewable electricity.

Project Air will contribute with:
• Annual CO2 reduction of 500 000 ton
• Sustainable raw material for a large variety of end products such as coatings on furniture, cars and buildings detergents, lubricants in refrigerators etc.
• World's largest Carbon Capture and Utilization unit
• Annual replacement of 200 000 tons fossil methanol in chemical products
• One of the world's largest hydrogen electrolysis unit installed in the chemical industry