Chemistry for climate neutrality

About Project Air

Project Air is an industrial initiative to transform the chemical industry towards climate neutrality, with far-reaching effects throughout industrial value chains. Perstorp Group and partners Fortum and Uniper will produce sustainable methanol for chemical manufacturing using circular production methods, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 500,000 tons per year, corresponding to the annual emissions of around 340,000 new cars running on fossil fuel.

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About the partners

Project Air was initiated by Perstorp in 2019. In 2020 Perstorp partnered with Uniper and Fortum to secure the supply of green hydrogen.  

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Project Air receives EUR 30 million from the Swedish Energy Agency

Project Air is an industrial concept to produce methanol from a large variety of recovered end-of-life streams and hydrogen from electrolysis. The project is carried out by the Swedish chemical group Perstorp in cooperation with Uniper (Germany) and Fortum (Finland), and the aim is to reduce carbon emissions by up to half million tons annually. Project Air has now been allocated approximately EUR 30 million by the Swedish Energy Agency.

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A world were humans do not engage in chemistry is inconceivable. Since chemistry is so intimately linked to progress, science and civilization, we must however make sure that we handle the power it gives us in a responsible and sustainable way.