Transforming the chemical industry

Traditionally, the chemical industry has been heavily based on feedstock such as oil and coal. In Perstorp’s case methanol has been and still is a key raw material. For 100 some years, the chemical industry has therefore depended on fossil based raw materials, to produce different chemical products. That is, until now!

Circular chemistry calls for circular processes  

Swedish Chemical innovator Perstorp has developed a process to use carbon emissions as a raw material for chemical products. With this process, fossil methanol can be replaced with sustainable methanol produced from carbon dioxide, captured from Perstorp’s production, and used as building blocks for chemical production – making the shift from fossil to circular possible for the chemical industry.


Enabling sustainable transition across industries

The transition from fossil to circular is not only a way to future proof our industry but it is also of great importance for other industries, which depends on chemical building blocks. As no product is greener than the raw materials it’s produced from, and while chemical products are often found as building blocks across industries and sectors, our industry is a prerequisite for making other industries and products more sustainable.

With Project Air, we are able to supply sustainable chemical products to a large variety of sectors and end products such as paint, furniture, electronics and wind power. In the end, enabling the sustainable transition across industries!