The companies behind Project Air

The project was officially initiated by Perstorp AB in 2019, and in 2020 Uniper joined the project as a supplier of green hydrogen.  

Project Air is made possible through the knowledge and innovative mindset that characterizes the initiating partners. Both companies have ambitious sustainability agendas which aim to transform the industry, and society at large.   


The initiating company is Perstorp, a Swedish based global specialty chemicals company, providing chemicals to a great variety of customer segments, focusing on Resins & Coatings, Engineered fluids, and Animal Nutrition. Perstorp’s focused innovation builds on over 140 years of experience and the company has manufacturing units in Asia, Europe, and North America.   

Perstorp’s long-term ambition and guiding star is to become Finite Material Neutral, which for example means shifting away from all virgin fossil raw materials and energy at their production plants globally. Perstorp set targets for 2030 as a step towards becoming Finite Material Neutral. These targets comprise Science Based GHG emission reduction Targets and targets on Water, Waste and (Eco) toxic impact. 

Methanol is one of Perstorp's main raw materials and Project Air is an important step in the company's journey towards achieving these ambitions and targets.  

Perstorp will own Project Air’s gasification and the methanol units. The company will use own CO2, industrial residue streams, and purchased biomethane and renewable hydrogen to produce sustainable methanol.   


Uniper is a leading international energy company who aims to become carbon neutral in Europe by 2035, and as of today Swedish portfolio is already close to 100 percent fossil-free.  

They are an important partner in the project as they contribute with experience and deep knowledge in constructing and operating electrolysis plants for large scale hydrogen production.  

Uniper will develop, own, and operate the hydrogen electrolysis plant supplying renewable hydrogen for Project Air. For Uniper, hydrogen is an important component on the journey to a decarbonized future. And thanks to Project Air, green hydrogen can play a significant role in reducing Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions.​ 

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